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PHD I/O Psychology, Management, Turkish

An international business woman born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, now 39, I have spent the last several years living in New Jersey with my beautiful family, where I can commute easily to the marketing capital of the world, New York City. I now hold a Master’s Degree from XXU in Marketing - Integrated and Digital – along with more than a decade of professional experience in Marketing and Management. I also hold a certificate in Brand Management. Thus, I feel strongly that I am a natural choice and a very good fit with the PHD Program in Organizational Behavior at XXXX University, with your diversity, global perspective, and focus on the implementation of innovation.

Surfing as well as skiing have been a big part of my life and reflect my lack of fear and passion for intense action. I started surfing very late and I remember my instructor telling me: ”Try a few waves before you find the ideal one, each wave is a unique experience, but in the end there’s no feeling as satisfying and euphoric as catching that perfect wave” That’s the time I began to realize every experience emerges as a significant predictor of the ultimate goal of your life. My experience at XXU gave me a chance to re-establish my life goals once more and do my very best to lay a foundation upon which to achieve them. I feel very strongly now that I could profit a great deal by earning a PHD, especially in Organizational Behavior, and particularly at XXXX, in order to fully round out my education in such a way that I will be able to make my maximum professional contribution to my society. Your PHD Program in Organizational Behavior at XXXX will prepare me for a lifetime of additional learning and research with respect to employee gender, motivation, and especially performance.

Serving as Team Leader for our Global Google Online Challenge Project at XXU was the highlight of my professional life so far and when I think about it I miss academic community and camaraderie – the challenge. I day dream about writing a doctoral dissertation in the area of employee motivation based on self-management, along with differences in this area with respect to diversity and gender. Nothing excites me more than the analysis of employee needs and how they are related to performance, the never-ending search for increasingly effective organizational models in which employee satisfaction is treated as a top first priority.

While working at XXXX’s, the company consolidated and the New York office ended up being the headquarters, so I had a chance to experience all the challenges of organizational restructuring and in two years I was promoted and given responsibility for the Marketing Departments of all branches of XXXX’s in United States with (+50 million customers) database. I gained Analytical techniques to provide insights and enhance data driven strategies by using a variety of software tools.

From 2011 through 2014, I built my own business along with several associates, EventASL LLC, New York, NY. 2) We specialize in private social events featuring full catering capabilities, custom entertainment and all inclusive packages. While developing the company, I spearheaded all planning activities from concept to execution for high-end, limited attendance events for young professionals in NYC. I was also responsible for the analysis, support and maintenance of the company website and social media marketing campaigns. I hired an IT person to help me launch the website and then took classes online so as to be able to maintain, improve, and enhance it on my own, launching media initiative that generated thousands of leads. This experience inspired me to earn my Master’s at XXU in a marketing program focused on digital marketing. This experience, as well as working at XXXX’s, taught me a great deal about the organizational behavior of Americans generally speaking, and New Yorkers in particular.

One recent highlight for me was taking Steve Blank’s Lean Startup Course, helping me to better appreciate the value of empowering employees so that they synchronize with each other and share their skills; thus organizations could expect those employees to market the products or services to the customers in the most effective ways? As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, enhancing employee motivation and effort is critical to staying ahead of the competition. Employee motivation needs and employee performance needs could be the disruption that makes a difference in the organizations.

I am especially looking forward to working with Professor XXXX since I especially admire his research in the area of employee motivation and self-management. His recent research dealing with holacracy and transparency as they relate to employee motivation is particularly impressive. I would be more than honored if I could earn a spot in Professor XXXX’s research group. It would also be a special privilege to study under Professor Gino, since I also find her research concerning self-serving biases and motivated information processing to be especially inspiring. In order an organization have the full power of employees through self-management it should emphasize the diversity of that power. I would be honored to work with Professor XXXX, since his recent researches based on diversity and I would like to do further research on how the motivation based on employee centered/powered organizations could be able to boost the diversity a? Where as Professor XXXX stated that managers work around performance systems but ratings don’t boost diversity

I love surfing because surfing is one of the few sports that you look ahead to see what's behind and  it is a unique experience of feeling the true freedom and the connection with the world at the same time. I like thinking challenges as waves; we can not stop them coming but we can learn how to surf!  The waves as challenges can not be rushed or forced, you must slow down and allow for the process and wait for the perfect wave (option) to arise. For me, that wave is now: XXXX’s PHD in Organizational Behavior. I rise to the occasion as a Turk, a woman, and a New Yorker.

I thank you for considering my application.

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